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About Pacifica

Pacifica is a multi-diversified conglomerate with interests spanning Gaming, Food & Beverage, Beauty, Textiles, Venture Capital & Real Estate.

With long standing business practices and foundations in Singapore, UAE and offices spread over South-East Asia.

Pacifica has successfully entered and navigated its path in the UAE and Middle East in a myriad of industries.

Our mission

At Pacifica we strive for excellence and innovation. With a forward thinking management, we strive to constantly create unique and innovative brands.

With Asian roots, Pacifica aims to promote progressive Asian brands within each industry they are part of.

History of firm

With humble beginnings in Japan in the 1980s, this multi generational company has expanded over the years into South East Asia and the Middle East.

  • – Bringing to the region unique and innovative brands
  • – Expertise in Distribution and Supply Chain
  • – Forward Thinking investment mindset
  • – Evolved from generation to generation

Pacifica’s Businesses

Pacifica’s businesses expand in to several different industries.

Our CEO Message

Pacifica is a forward-thinking and dynamic organization that continues to grow from strength to strength. Through keen foresight and determination coupled with decisive and aggressive expansion, Pacifica has established its brands and companies in key markets. It is through these qualities that Pacifica has built numerous strategic alliances and continues to seek further synergies and opportunities. We are excited for the future as we have only just begun.

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